Why you never become a famous engineer – and 5 smart principles bringing you back on track – MES001

Yes, I know. This title is provocative. It’s challenging. But let’s have a closer look. For simplicity let’s take the approach and equal famous with becoming a recognized expert. There are two ways to fulfill this request:

  • You become an expert by declaration
    You know these situations, somebody arrives at your desk and addresses you as the expert for whatsoever. If that happens several times and constantly you can admit that there must be something that others consider you as an expert.
  • You become an expert with 10.000 hours of experience.
    That’s the well known rule of thumb. After a significant amount of time working in a particular environment it can be assumed, that you have become an expert

But are both rules true? And are only these rules of observation available? I assume that as many times the truth might lay somewhere in between.

In my opinion becoming a famous engineer depends on your individuality. Your personal intention and motivation to do this job or profession. Mainly driven by the question, how your special approach looks like when facing different tasks and challenges. Over the years I have observed several ways how individuals become famous – but not all of them were successfull. I have extracted five basics within Embedded Systems to make your approach to become a famous engineer successfull.

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