Year’s-End Wrap-Up 2016 – MES051

Year's-End Wrap-Up 2016
Let’s have a short Wrap-Up of the MES’s episodes in 2016 before we focus on 2017 and how things might continue.

What were the main episode streams in 2016 in the Mastering Embeddeds Systems podcast? Was it the root-cause mini-series in the first half of the year? Or was it the series about Death March Projects? What about the interviews and the interesting characters we got in touch with? Or do we want to emphasize the personal improvement sessions in the last quarter of this year.

We have had marvellous guests in the show during this year:

  • Rinding Jenkins with Oleg Nenashev from CloudBees in MES027
  • Use multi-core CPUs instead of single-core and automatically transfer legacy code. Jeronimo Castrillon-Mazo from Silixica was in the show in MES031
  • Big topic – Virtualization in Embedded Systems. We have welcome Baurzhan Ismagulov and Alexander Smirnov from Ilbers Technology. They gave a lot of information and details and presented their Mango bare-metal hypervisor in MES034
  • In MES036 we have tackled
    Security in Embedded Systems with Andrej Nikishin from Kaspersky Labs
  • Requirements Engineering was another big topic in 2016. We have had 3 different episodes with Joachim Reinke:
  • In the last interview in 2016 there was Maik Pfingsten with us. In MES045 we talked about Maik’s way to maintain derailed projects.

In the finish of this episode I give you some outsights into the future of this podcast and further upcoming activities.

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