Avoid managing your time – MES047

Avoid Time-ManagementAvoid managing your time – MES047

This is the first episode of my new mini-series “Improve Yourself”. This series is based on the results of my last survey on my podcast listeners. We’ll start today with the episode of Time-Management.

Is it really possible to manage time? To do Time-Management? I do not think so. Because time is something we cannot impact or manipulate. The only thing we can do is to change our way to experience time passing by.

And this change of perspective drops away all these usual Time-Mangement tools, books, courses, hints and tricks. But you get confronted with yourself. Everybody of us lives in the same time. But some of us seem to have sufficient time. Others seem to always exceed their amount and do not succeed in time.

The question is: why is it like that? And what can we do as individuals to get the best out of our time? This episode will support you here. Detect your next steps to realize things which are really important to you. And then start.

Stay tuned and be inspired.

Essential Answers Provided In This Episode For:

  • Why time management tipps and tools do not work
  • What are the inner benefits for self-made time problems?
  • If we cannot manage time, what else can we do?
  • Which 3 things have changed my life belonging time?
  • How does the Zegarnik-effect prevent you from being free in your time?
  • Why the Five-Minute-Journal might be the best things to start?
  • And much much more.

Selected Links and Resources From This Episode

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