Engineers’ Talk: HW- and SW-Integrator Jürgen Salm – MES025

Jürgen SalmIntegrate hardware and software with Jürgen Salm

It’s an ever lasting story in Embedded Systems: Integrate hardware and software. You need to combine a new piece of hardware together with new software. That’s the time you need engineers like my today’s guest – Jürgen Salm.

Jürgen has a proven track of experience as SW-developer. He’s running his own zoo of Unix- and Linux-machines at his home-place. At work however he’s engaged as SW-tester and mainly HW- and SW-integrator. Jürgen is working for one of the big mobile equipment manufacturers in Germany.

Jürgen is a constant source of ideas about improvement and he has tons of experience you can participate from. As a former SW-developer Jürgen instantly provides the feedback the author of software will understand. More over he does regularly not only provide feedback about the failure, but also directly points to the failing component. Very often I have experienced by myself that he’s already pointing to the wrong algorithm directly.

We’re highlighting the daily problems when integrating immature hardware with even more immature software. The challenges when working together with multi-sited SW-development teams. And of course the mother of all questions: How to improve collaboration between developers and integrators.

Stay with me and enjoy the interview.

Essential Answers Provided In This Episode For:

  • What are the differences between a SW-tester and a SW-integrator?
  • Where does the classic SW-developer distinguish from a SW-tester and SW-integrator?
  • What are the main key-points when testing and integrating an Embedded System?
  • When will a serial console become a security risk? And why you should take it!
  • Why Jürgen wants every SW-developer to evaluate his product in the final system?
  • What are typical critical situations in testing and integrating Embedded Systems?
  • Where do you see major problem in collaboration of SW-developers and SW-testers/SW-integrators?
  • What are the 3 most important skills a good and successful SW-tester/-integrator should have?
  • And much much more.

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