Engineers’ Talk: Riding Jenkins with Oleg Nenashev – MES027

Jenkins with Oleg NenashevEngineers’ Talk: Riding Jenkins with Oleg Nenashev

Today I’m happy to introduce another presenter of the Embedded Testing conference in Munich. I got acquainted with Oleg Nenashev already in the first minutes of the conference. We’re sitting aside of each other. He was working for his Jenkins presentation.

Oleg is a 27 year old engineer from St. Petersburg in Russia. Although he has started as a hardware-engineer he’s mainly engaged on the software side. With his presentation Integrating Jenkins with verification flows of Embedded Systems he has introduced himself as a continuous integration specialist. He’s currently working for CloudBees in Neufchâtel in Switzerland.

Oleg has become responsible for testing hardware in an automatized way already in 2008. He get in touch with it from the very beginning. Later he provided several plugins before he gots elected as core-developer. Meanwhile we have more than 1000 plugins. And it has undergone a redefinition from a pure Continuous-Integration tool towards a more general, more framework like automation server.

The time we recorded this interview Oleg stayed in St. Petersburg. He has just finished his PhD-thesis and was in a quite relaxed mood. In our discussion we’re highlighting the way of development. We stress the chances and challenges. Why someone should use it. And the struggles you might run into. We also talk about the newest changes in its self-understanding. And Oleg provides an outview what we can expect from the next major release. The next version will cover mainly architectural needs, especially from User-Interface-perspective, which have been recognized and accumulated during the last years

Stay with me and enjoy the interview.

Essential Answers Provided In This Episode For:

  • What is Jenkins and what is it designed for?
  • What is the base for its prosperity during the last years?
  • Where are the major misunderstandings in using CI?
  • How could critical challenges be managed?
  • Why will Jenkins be renewed this year?
  • When will companies fail in using CI?
  • What are 3 important things one should take care for when using CI?
  • And much much more.

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