Engineers’ Talk – DevOp and Tester Vassilis Rizopoulos – MES023

Vassilis RizopoulosEngineers’ Talk: DevOp and Tester Vassilis Rizopoulos

You remember episode 20 where I mentioned the Embedded Testing conference in Munich. One of the presentation was about Applying DevOps Principles to Software-Hardware Integration Test. Vassilis Rizopoulus explained details about DevOps, their tooling, automated testing and the mandatory environment.

I was excited and we have had an extraordinary talk after his contribution. Some days later I asked him for an interview. I am sure that Vassilis’ ideas and thoughts will be helpful for a lot of engineers out there. Especially engineers who wanted to try something knew, but who might need some trigger to change their way of thinking and habit.

Vassilis has been dabbling in software engineering close to two decades by now. In this time what started as a hobby of a would-be electrical engineer became full time occupation. He specializes in software productivity engineering, a catch all term for the role that integrates the development environment, test automation, continuous integration and deployment, devops and general behind the scenes tooling that enables software teams to concentrate on actually producing useful software.

His language of choice is Ruby and has been for the past dozen of years, but he also has several C and C++ embedded projects under his belt as well as a few C# .NET projects. Most of his professional career has been spent working for large industry firms doing really close to the metal stuff, from devices smaller than an Oreo cookie to as large as 60-ton locomotives. He is one of the co-founders and organizers of thessaloniki.rb the Thessaloniki Ruby Users group and also had the luck to be part of the organizing committee for EuRuKo 2013 that took place in Athens. Whatever free time remains between deadlines and family life goes into open source projects mainly in the Ruby community with the lion’s share reserved for rutema and gaudi.

In the Engineers’ Talk we’re discussing about DevOp-priniciples. His will to automatize everything. The infrastructure you need for day-by-day development. And of course the mother of all questions: what are the differences between SW-tester and SW-developer.

Stay with me and enjoy the interview.

Essential Answers Provided In This Episode For:

  • What are the DevOps-principles?
  • How does typical tooling for DevOps look like?
  • Why does Vassilis describe himself as Testing hardliner?
  • Where does the classic SW-developer distinguish from a DevOp-Tester
  • Why is it essential to treat your environment as code?
  • What are the 3 most important skills a good and successful tester should have?
  • And much much more.

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