Aftermath in a task-force – MES016

The final in task-force'ing

Task-Force – The final

With episode #6 the mini-series about task-forces has started. Episode #8 tackled the launch phase of a task-force. And with episode #12 you got a lot of details about the most essential part of a task-force – the running phase. And now, in this last episode of the series, it’s about all the stuff you need to do after you have run any task-force meeting or the task-force at all.

In the first step of the task-force mini-series you needed to understand the general pros and cons of a task-force, the intention and your own understanding of the why, what and how is essential.

In the second step I have informed you about all the valid key indicators for a successful launch phase. And I have given you the tools to do it.

The main phase of task-force, the essential doing, was covered in the third part. You found a lot of details about running the task-force, calling regular meetings, pushing forward, negotiations and arguments, and you strong commitment with a clear focus on the goals.

This episode now finalizes the series about task-force’ing. The aftermath covers the creation of meeting minutes, support of ongoing work and finally touch-down the task-force.

Essential Answers Provided In This Episode For:

  • Why are meeting minutes that essential for your task-force work?
  • What are essential contents for regular meeting minutes?
  • How can you effectively handle action items?
  • When is it more helpful to bow yourself out of the ongoing discussion?
  • Why should you do a retrospective of your task-force?
  • What does Yokoten mean? And why should you follow it?
  • How you gather your personal feedback after the task-force?
  • And much much more

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