Tech-Chat: How to maintain derailed projects with Maik Pfingsten – MES045

Maik PfingstenSometimes people ask me: “What’s that about project troubleshooting? What does it mean? Who does anybody need this kind of stuff? What are you guys doing? And what’s the benefit at the end?” I want to provide some answers on these question. I have invited a friend of mine, who has worked as project troubleshooter for a decade. Maik Pfingsten is an elaborated engineer, a versatile project leader and he has saved a lot of projects under rough conditions. He meanwhile works as mentor, speaker, author and coach for specific topics round about projects in trouble.

He tells us a lot about his very personal way of coping with projects in trouble. About the regular steps he has used and the experiences he has gathered during his long journey.

You should listen to this episode if your project is in trouble and you have already thought about some external support. Or you want to know details how such kind of external consulting might look like. And it will become especially worthwhile if you consider to work yourself as project troubleshooter, but you do not yet exactly know whether it is the right way. But, of course, you also can listen only if you’re simply interested in the topic 🙂

This episode will support you in understanding the different steps how derailed projects might find their way out of trouble. What kind of essentials you have to take into account. And perhaps also whether this approach is the right one for you, your project or your company.

Stay with me and enjoy the chat.

Essential Answers Provided In This Episode For:

  • How to become a project troubleshooter?
  • What kind of skill do you have to work successfully as a troubleshooter?
  • Why does Maik follow a specific plan to cope with derailed projects?
  • How does the system footprint supports different perspectives?
  • Why Maik protects the project team first?
  • Why stepping out is that essential for the troubleshooter.
  • Highlight for the ESE-Kongress 2016 in Sindelfingen
  • And much much more.

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