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5 simple tweaks to use Mind-Maps for meeting minutes

Summer has arrived in Germany and this is the best time to talk about Mind-Maps. Wait a minute. What do these two events have in common? Right! Nothing! But I needed a connection – and that’s what Mind-Maps will do for you – connect things. In this episode I will concentrate on using Mind-Maps for taking meeting minutes.

Taking minutes can be some real awkward story. But using Mind-Maps it gets more natural, more fluent, and more precise. But, doing it that way, I detected during running consecutive task-force meetings, that the Mind-Map approach is not that stringent. It needed some tweaks to get its real harmony and fluency. And this episode is about the five major tricks I have found during the last months when using Mind-Maps for taking meeting minutes.

In the very first part of the episode I provide you a short survey about the available Mind-Mapping software. It’s of course not complete, however will give you a very first step into the topic. In the links-section below you’ll find all the mentioned applications and programs.

If you do not have time to listen to the episode, then at least take my tweaks to use Mind-Maps for meeting minutes with you:

  • Tweak #1: Use an appropriate amount of branches
  • Tweak #2: Highlight creatively
  • Tweak #3: Reorganize your mind-map
  • Tweak #4: Use sub mind-maps
  • Tweak #5: Run garbage collection

For all the other ones, take your time and listen to more details and examples to enhance your usage of Mind-Maps.

Stay tuned and be inspired.

Essential Answers Provided In This Episode For:

  • Why should you use Mind-Maps?
  • What particular challenges do you run into with consecutive meetings?
  • What is the right amount of main branches in a Mind-Map?
  • How can you emphasize items in a Mind-Map?
  • Which software does support creation of Mind-Maps?
  • When should you do a garbage collection in your Mind-Map?
  • Why Mind-Maps are the best way to collect information and facts?
  • And much much more.

Selected Links and Resources From This Episode

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