Tech Chat: What QRAcorp can do for your requirements? – MES043

Jordan Kyriakidis MES043After the last episodes about requirements engineering you might have thought: “What about the real thing? How will such a tool for requirements engineering look like? What’s in for me? And how can I get in touch with it?”

Right after episode 38 I got a message by Trevor Bradley from QRAcorp. Trevor wrote: “I really enjoyed your last podcast about Requirements! The episode was very relevant, as I’m with a research group in Canada creating tools for requirements engineering We just released our first beta tool called QVscribe.
We think requirements are definitely one of those unspoken (or at least underrated) vulnerabilities for today’s engineers, and so we really want to create something that’s on the right path for solving some of these vulnerabilities.”

You think that’s interesting? So did I! Today I have the pleasure to welcome the CEO of QRA-corp Jordan Kyriakidis and the marketing director Trevor Bradley. Moreover there is again Joachim Reinke with us.

Trevor Bradley MES043You should listen to this episode if you’re considering to use a tool for requirements engineering. Of if you’re already in the selection or testing phase for a new tool. Or you’re part of this big group managing requirements with Microsoft Word and you wanted to improve your working process.

This episode supports a dedicated look into a distinct tool for requirements engineering. You receive insights how this tool was planned and what are the details behind of it. But you also get worthwhile ideas and thoughts about requirements in general. And in particular there is the new angle QRAcorp uses Natural Language Processing to actually analyze what makes a requirement unambiguous and high quality.

Joachim Reinke MES043And last not least QRAcorp offers their tool for free during the beta-phase. If you’re interested to test a tool for your requirements engineering, you wanted to dive deeper into tools support or you’re simply curious what this is all about – do not hesitate and visit QRA-corps website and get your free account.

Stay with me and enjoy the chat.

Essential Answers Provided In This Episode For:

  • What was the starting point to provide tools for Requirements Engineering?
  • In which phase of RE do wee observe the most crucial errors?
  • What are the QV-tools?
  • Why Natural Language Processing is essential for Requirements Engineering?
  • Do we see a “natural barrier” for non-native English-speakers?
  • What will be in for our future with automation and computers?
  • Will QV-tools be available as JIRA-plugin?
  • What knowledge do you need to benefit from QVscribe?
  • And much much more.

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